From Rhodes drive, head past Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and find Cecilia Forest parking lot on your right


2.5 hrs (excluding breaks)

Route description

A few meters after the start of the jeep track take the first path to the right.
Continue up this path, cross the gravel track and continue up the next part of the path.
At the jeep track turn right.
Further along this jeep track is a point where there is a "fork" up into the wood or straight along the track.
Take the path upwards into the woods.
At the end of this path is another jeep track, marked by a huge blue gum tree.
Take the jeep track to the (sharp) right.
Continue along this track until a logged staircase up to the right.
Follow the staircase until the Kirstenbosch sign.
Ignore the path down into Kirstenbosch.
Follow the upward until the waterfall.
Head past the waterfall and follow the path downwards (ignore the path up towards the right immediately after the waterfall).
This leads to a jeep track.
Head right along the jeep track.
At the end of track turn left and follow this track back to the huge blue gum tree.
Retrace your steps back to entrance.

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