Ou Kraal, 110 Boye's Drive


3.75 hrs (excluding breaks)

Route description

Start at the Ou Kraal board and carry on for about 10 meters.
Cross over the dry stream.
Take the steep stone steps towards the right (immediately to the right after the stream)
Ignore the minor paths and stick to this main zig-zag path.
At the fork (directly opposite the Rhodes Cottage in the Main Road below) head left
Continue upwards along this left fork and ignore the first path to the left
At the next fork head left again
Continue along this second left path until a three-way gravel track
Take the central track
A couple of hundred meters further is a stone beacon on the left of the track
Head left at this beacon and follow the sandy, rocky track.
This track becomes steep in places with some minor rock scrambles
Twenty minutes later along the track is Tartarus Cave - a dark hole on the right of the path
At the end of the path turn left at the fork and head down through Spes Bona Valley.
After exiting the canopy, turn right on the gravel road and then take the next left towards Boye's Drive.
This final stretch ends at the stream crossed over at the start of the hike.

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